leveraging mixed media art, education and community circle, mosaiceye’s mission is to promote
self-empowerment and expanded awareness of our interconnection with one another on our planet.

what is “mosaiceye”?


mosaiceye is a metaphor for each of us as a work of art comprised of many colorful and sundry pieces of
life experiences, values and gifts. Our collective humanity is also a mosaic with each individual representing a piece
of stone, glass, or ceramic coming in billions of eclectic shapes, tones and bodies arranged together in a divine composition.

Our eyes vulnerably reveal the depth, scope and range of our inner mosaics
while allowing us to see the mosaics of others; connecting us like glue to the whole.

The more we observe these works of art -us- the more we may discover and rediscover the complexity,
the multifaceted nature and the micro to macro beauty of our One mosaic masterpiece.


photo by anita poushan

photo by anita poushan

Chetna Mehta is a folk mixed media artist and mystic, wellness consultant, and creator of mosaiceye, currently based in Chicago, IL.

Chetna is open to art commissions; speaking engagements, workshop facilitation at conferences, retreats, organizations,
and collaboration to create kind, conscious and healing experiences + content.




i look forward to connecting and collaborating with you!

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