Customize a Workshop for your Space of Work or Living


These custom workshop offerings are ideal for 4 to 30 individuals and
be adapted to groups with various ages, orientations and abilities.

We work closely with you, your collective or organization to learn more about what your intentions and goals are for the space. We explore possible themes (i.e. self-care, creativity, confidence and self-empowerment, mindfulness, shadow or inner child work, body intelligence and biofeedback, intention-setting and law of attraction) that may be resonate for the workshop; all while interweaving our core values of self-reflection and interconnectedness into the experience.

Workshops are designed to invite:

  • Harnessing of memory, reflection & biofeedback for self-empowerment
  • Creativity & brainstorming centered on soothing & stress-reduction
  • Group bonding & trust building
  • Practice in sensory presence and play
  • Deepening of knowledge around what brings peace & strength to individuals & the collective
  • Guided movement for self-awareness
  • Vulnerability & courage

Contexts in which workshops provide great value include:

  • School-based settings for students & staff to cultivate psychological wellness, behavioral modification, & stress reduction
  • Corporate & agency settings for team-building, creative expression & stress-management
  • Community & Intimate group settings for self-expression, play, healing, connection & self-care

Please reach out to customize a workshop and/or learn more about offerings and rates.