Workshop (Berkeley): Cultivating Creative Flow


Join us in a space created for anyone who wants to deepen
their creativity & tap into the ever-flowing wisdom of the body.

We'll practice creativity using mindfulness & our body wisdom,
exercising flow with the 3 modalities of
drawing, story-telling & movement

Location: Berkeley, CA
Specific address offered after your purchase of a ticket

This workshop includes:

  • A safe place to show up, reflect, play and be held by others in community
  • Guidance for harnessing creativity with affirmation, mindfulness & intentional reflection
  • Art supplies
  • light refreshments

Bring if you can:

  • your journal

Open to all genders, ages 16+

$35* | on sale until noon, Thursday, Nov. 9.

*note: please purchase tickets on time, thanks.


 photo by: josh farria

photo by: josh farria

Guided by:

Chetna Mehta is a folk mixed media artist who discovered her craft through observation of others, her own body's responses, daily practice and mindfulness. She is "self-taught" in that she did not receive much formal training, and considers "art" to be a personal & often unique journey for each person.

She has deepened her own self-awareness with art and creativity, and has used art as tool for therapeutic work with teens and adults.

Chetna is passionate about leveraging our creativity to release both joy and trauma, and is learning and teaching how to tap into creative flow for liberated self-expression, compassion and healing.