Workshop (Berkeley): New Moon Circle & Light Ceremony

 note: we will be more clothed than this art depicts (:

note: we will be more clothed than this art depicts (:

Join in circle with other self-identified women under a new moon.
We'll gather to take some time to look within and above,
reflect on the intentions we desire to manifest, and share space with one another under a new moon in ceremonious circle.

This day is also Diwali, an ancient festival of Light in Hinduism,
we'll celebrate together in LIT ceremony.

Location: Berkeley, CA
Specific location of the workshop offered with ticket

Date & Time: Thursday, October 19, from 7pm - 9:30pm

This workshop includes:

  • Space to reflect & share in community
  • Guidance in connecting to the moon and our body wisdom
  • Guidance to plant seeds of intention for manifestation
  • A light ceremony- in tribute of the new moon & Diwali
  • Light refreshments

Bring if you can:

  • Journal
  • Yoga mat
  • Flashlight or headlamp

$35 | on sale until 9pm, Wednesday 10/18



Guided by:


Chetna Mehta

Chetna is sensitive to the resonance of the sun and the moon. She considers herself a sun worshiper, and is intending to learn and share more now about moon wisdom, feminine energy, shadow exploration and self-empowerment with intention and manifestation.

She invites us to personally and collectively reflect, attune to the powerful energies within, align ourselves with nature, and share with one another in a safe circle.

She recently completed a MA in counseling psychology from The Wright Institute and is working to create more community spaces for exploratory and creative healing.


Laya Persephone Greyson

The moon helped lead Laya into a deep awakening to the feminine force of the universe. She is a student of mystical knowledge and pre-patriarchal Goddess cultures. Laya holds a particular interest in helping people free themselves from the wounds of patriarchy.

Laya’s practices include working with plant and energy medicine to help herself and others access their inner power and innate healing intelligence.

She invites us to make friends with our shadows as we draw in our light, and to reconnect with our bodies and our intuitions. 

Laya holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Berkeley and an MA in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute.