WITH THE GODS / a multimedia exhibit / Summer 2018 (Chicago & the Bay)

with the gods flyer1.jpg


A multimedia exhibit showcasing a series of
photo montages, original music and performance art
tributing the proximity of divinity, omnipresent
in our everyday lives and
all around us in the here and now;
highlighting multi-faiths
and the many faces of the sacred.

“If they say to you that the kingdom is in heaven,
then the birds of the heavens will precede you.
If they say it is in the sea, then the fish will precede you.
Rather the kingdom is inside of you and outside of you.
When you know your self, you will be known,
and you will understand that you are the children
of the living father [read: mothers]. I
f you do not know yourself then
you dwell in poverty
and you are poverty.”
(Jesus, Gospel of Thomas)

Arriving Summer 2018
Chicago & the Bay Area

Image creators-
Art direction:
Chetna Mehta @mosaiceye & Kalonji Nzinga @quasiwoke

Model: Charis Briley

Photographer: Stephanie O'Connor @connervarin

Makeup: Philippa Shenandoah @sacredstyle_

Crown design & style: Aradia Sunseri @aradiasunseri

Jewelry: Adrienne Moore @toothnnail