A Multi-Media Exihibition (Chicago) / "WITH THE GODS" / Summer 2018

with the gods flyer1.jpg


A multimedia exhibit showcasing a series of
photo montages, original music and performance art
tributing the proximity of divinity, omnipresent
in our everyday lives and all around us
in the here and now;
highlighting multi-faiths
and the many faces of the sacred.

Summer 2018 Chicago
Fall 2018 Oakland

Art direction:
Chetna Mehta @mosaiceye & Kalonji Nzinga @quasiwoke
Muse: Charis Briley
Photographer: Stephanie O'Connor @connervarin
Makeup: Philippa Shenandoah @sacredstyle_
Crown design & style: Aradia Sunseri @aradiasunseri
Jewelry: Adrienne Moore @toothnnail