Workshop (Los Angeles): Ancestral Remembrance w/ Tea Ceremony, Reflection & Expressive Embodiment


Join us to remember and rediscover our ancestors
with the ancient practices of meditation and tea ceremony,
as well as creative reflection and embodiment.

We’ll co-create an alter of ancestral
symbols and stories, connect in ritual and reflection,

and witness one another in sacred community.

Date: Thursday, July 26th @ 6pm - 8:30pm

Golden Folk Wellness
1615 Lucile Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026

This workshop includes:

  • A safe place to show up, reflect, and express

  • Guided visualization meditation and sound healing

  • Ceremonious tea in mindfulness

  • Space for personal reflection and expression

  • Guided embodiment meditation

  • Being seen and held in community

Bring if you can:

  • your journal

Open to self-identified women,
all accessibility and experience levels are welcome.

$50 | on sale until Wednesday, July 25 @ 11pm
*Please purchase tickets on time

Your Guides


Charlotte Nguyễn

Charlotte is a meditation teacher, embodiment coach, activist and a safe space. 

Coming from a Southeast Asian background, spirituality and mysticism have always been part of Charlotte's experience; but like many children of immigrants, survival was the guiding force that shaped her early years. 

After the death of her first love in 2006, she began a journey of self-healing.  Meditation, tea, sacred movement and community each played a role - weaving together her love of spiritual practice, social action and creative expression. 

Charlotte has a daily practice of meditation, a space where she connects with her body and soul in mindfulness.  She is blessed to serve and share this practice which has so profoundly changed her life.  She loves bodies of water, science fiction, orange juice and Frank Ocean (even though they’re all impermanent things).



Chetna Mehta

Chetna is a folk mixed media artist, creative entrepreneur and mental wellness mystic.

Her given namesake means "awareness" in Sanskrit. She believes it's her life purpose to unfold awareness of the universal flow within and beyond herself, and to support others in their unique unfolding as well. As a guide, she naturally gives space to others, allowing and nurturing whatever comes; aiding in a spontaneous and self-generating process.

Her work is rooted in the values of self-actualization and interconnection. It's centered on expanding awareness and representation of girls and women of color.

She creates to realize, heal and grow parts of self and others, and to remember our intrinsic divine connectedness with one another, the planet and a universal Force beyond any ideology.