Workshop (Chicago): Crafting a Sensory Power Box with Body Awareness, Intention & Mindfulness

 note: the box pictured is different than the box you will craft in this workshop.

note: the box pictured is different than the box you will craft in this workshop.

Do you want a tool to remind you of the helpful and relevant resources available to empower you and reduce stress?

Join in crafting a sacred power box:
an effective and therapeutic wellness tool for soothing, empowerment & grounding.

We'll take time to be creative in circle, bring awareness to our senses, & practice mindfulness while creating a resource tailored to each of us.

Location: Chicago
The specific address will be offered after you get your ticket

Saturday, September 1st, 10 - 12:30pm

This workshop includes:

  • Art materials to build a sensory empowering box
  • Supportive instruction on crafting your box with intention and effectiveness
  • Curated box-items that will engage your senses
  • Psycho-education on the benefits & practices of this evidence-based tool
  • Guided mindfulness exercises
  • 30% off all visual affirmation art

Bring if you can:
Photos and images, small-sized art pieces and/or items that hold meaning for you


Early Bird Ticket $35 | on sale until 9pm, August 29th
$42 | after August 29st until 6pm, August 31st

What is a "power box"?

A power box, also known as a calm box or soothing box, is an evidence-based wellness tool known to help with stress, anxiety, depression and emotional dysregulation. It's used therapeutically, along with mindfulness (the practice of being fully present) to focus on positive stimulation from our senses, while using specific and positive memories from our lives. The power box is intentionally curated to inspire peace, awareness of our body intelligence, and remembrance of how we are empowered, capable and successful.

Guided by:


Chetna Mehta

Chetna is a mixed media artist and mental wellness mystic. She's passionate about the power and healing of creative expression. Themes in her art, study and life include psychological reflection, affirmations, shadows, self-care and self-empowerment, collective consciousness and oneness with Mother Earth.

She has a Master's in Counseling Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley. She's facilitated creative workshops with teenagers in a school-based context, and with adults and multi-generational groups in intimate settings.