Workshop (Chicago): Exploring Our Shadow w/ Yoga, Mindfulness & Expressive Arts


"Everyone carries a Shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individuals conscious life, the blacker & denser it is. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."
- Carl Jung


Join us to explore a face of your shadow,
a hidden part of you that longs to be seen,
with intentional reflection and gentle community,
 harnessing the practices of yoga, mindfulness
and expressive arts.

Wednesday, June 27th, 6pm - 8:30pm

Bodhi Spiritual Center
Meditation Room
1356 W Augusta, Chicago

This workshop includes:

  • A safe place to show up, reflect and be held by others in community
  • Gentle and guided yoga, meditation and movement
  • Supplies for visual art expression
  • Space and guidance for visualization and deep reflection
  • light refreshments

Bring if you can:

  • a yoga mat
  • your journal

Open to self-identified women, all accessibility and experience levels are welcome

$40 | on sale until June 27th @ Noon
*please get your ticket(s) on time

This is one of a two-workshop series to explore our shadow and to explore our light, we invite and encourage you to attend both in balance.


“We can hardly bear to look. The shadow may carry the best of the life we have not lived.
Go into the basement, the attic, the refuse bin.
Find gold there. Find an animal who has not been fed or watered. It is you!!
This neglected, exiled animal, hungry for attention, is a part of your self.”
- Bessel A. van der Kolk


Your Guides

18' polychrome selects-0014.jpg

Lauren Ash

Lauren is a wellness visionary, yoga and meditation teacher, creative writer, and founder of the culture-shifting lifestyle platform synonymous with black women's wellness: Black Girl In Om.

Through BGIO, Lauren creates and cultivates meaningful experiences and content for a hugely marginalized community. From the BGIO podcast—which has reached more than half a million listeners—to holistic self-care retreats, Lauren considers her work an act of compassion, belonging, and ultimately a space she once needed and didn’t see.  

Lauren is a two-time 200-hour yoga certified teacher, with yoga trainings from Corepower Yoga as well as from Get Loved Up with internationally renowned yoga teacher Koya Webb. She has toured the nation sharing her self-care and yoga for women of color workshops reaching thousands of women since 2014 with her good vibes and inclusivity.


Chetna Mehta

Chetna is a folk mixed media artist, creative entrepreneur, founder of mosaiceye, and mental wellness mystic impassioned by merging psycho-emotional healing with spirituality and the arts.

Her work is rooted in self-actualization and interconnection. She creates to realize, heal and grow parts of self and others, and to remember our intrinsic divine connectedness with one another, the planet and a universal Force beyond any ideology.

With a recently completed Master's in counseling psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, she’s bringing arts and self-reflective workshops to young people in high schools for behavioral health treatment, and creating more community spaces for exploratory and creative healing.