FEMININE MUSES / An Art Show \ Thursday, March 8th @7pm, Berkeley

feminine muses

Come kick back on a cozy mattress surrounded by colorful art in tribute of  feminine mystique, and listen to harmonic flows to sooth the soul, while spitting on some refreshment.

\art show/

Thursday, March 8th from 7pm-9pm

Savvy Rest
3001 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA

Chetna began creating the pieces in this show as an art hobbyist, studying the faces of people like soul artist, Erykah Badu and supermodel sociologist, Lakshmi Menon. She was drawn to features that emitted feminine power and extraterrestrial fantasy.

From 2011 to 2013, this collection of various faces was born, inspiring Chetna's identity as a mixed media artist and laying the foundation of her most revered muse, the mystical female.

Featuring textile design by Kristin Arzt

& song + spoken word by:

Waterbody: a dyad of women in flowy acapellic harmony

Kalonji: a hip-hop folk artist and mystic poet