Talk (Online): the Mindful Revolution / meditation as our path to heal, organize & dream


There are times when our present world can seem drenched in pain and suffering, given over to the darker corners of the human spirit. We turn on the news, and fight the urge to feel cynical or lost.  

This is why I’ve partnered with my friend and comrade, Charlotte Nguyen to bring you The Mindful Revolution: Meditation as Our Path to Heal, Organize, and Dream, a free, two-week artistic, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual online gathering for you to do the inner work. 

Through meditating, reflecting, dreaming - facing who we are, who we have been, and who we might become - we aim to start a spiritual (r)evolution that will reverberate throughout our lives and communities.

This summit offers heart-centered conversations through live webinar, which will have a special focus on the themes of healing, self-care, and liberation through mindful teachings.

The event collects the voices of over 20 different leaders, spiritual guides, mindful practitioners, artists, and wellness coaches devoted to the personal and emotional health, growth, and liberation of our community.

Chetna spoke about creativity and mindfulness, awareness, refocusing away from judgment and comparison in life and in the creative process, and the creation of visual affirmations.

See & hear the conversation here.