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(Online): Accessing Abundant Creativity

  • Via Zoom Online Video Conferencing (map)

These personal and group consultations are intended to help explore your abundant capacity to live in creativity, to move through blocks with faith and confidence, and to deepen into the infinite inspiration available to you.

We’ll gather online, connecting from near and far,
to leverage tools of expressive arts, mindfulness and meditation,
cognitive-behavior therapy, ritual, affirmation, community and connection.

Who is this series for?

You’re a self-identified women or womxn:

  • Wanting to discover and rediscover your creative talents

  • Feeling creatively blocked or uninspired

  • Yearning to deepen into spontaneity, trust and free expression

  • Have felt like you’re not creative enough, yet there’s a part of you that refuses to believe it

  • Seeking confidence in your ability to vision and create

  • Having creative ideas that you want to manifest but feel stuck and need some support

  • Intending to share your gifts and creations with others

Some of the modalities leveraged in this series include:

  • Expressive arts (expressive drawing, writing and embodiment)

  • Inspirational literature study

  • Ceremony and ritual

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Affirmation

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

  • Group and individual consultations

Why participate and what will you receive?

What will we do for 3 months?

Below is a summary of our monthly themes; we’ll spend 30 days anchoring into each theme, noticing how it comes up in our daily lives, checking in and reflecting about them.


Month 1: Recognizing & Redefining

We’ll explore and redefine creativity, abundance and blockages for ourselves. We’ll answer the following questions throughout the month within our personal and group meetings, observations and homeplay projects:

  • What does (abundant) creativity mean to me?

  • What blocks my creativity?

  • What inspires me and what has inspired me?

We’ll mine an empowering self-narrative around our own capacity to create abundantly.


Month 2: Visioning & Sensing

We’ll invest this month into learning new or forgotten aspects of our bodies and senses that give us inspiring feedback; anchoring neurologically and physically into the sensory experiences of our creative bodies and our sensuality.

We’ll connect and consult with our inner child, who has an awake sense of what our bodies love and what gives us pleasure and joy.

This month of the program will provide opportunity and hands-on exercise in rediscovering our own bodies as our greatest muses!


Month 3: Bringing Forth Creation & Change

We'll spend the final month reflecting on the purposes we want to infuse our creations with, from self-care to social change.

We’ll deepen our self-generated affirmations for inspiration; creating and planting reminders for ourselves where we need it.

Most importantly, we’ll incorporate an accountability plan for ourselves with the help of our communities from this program and within our lives.

Walking away, we’ll have an evolved, open-hearted and generous relationship with ourselves as a creative being.

Where & when?

We’ll gather online using Zoom Video Conferencing; a strong internet connection and a private place for the duration of sessions are required.

This series will go from Thursday, April 4th to the week of June 17th

Over three months, we’ll gather for nine hours across three 2-hour group sessions, and three 1-hour individual sessions.

We’ll alternate group and individual consultations so that you can share your experience and learn from others, and deepen into your personal reflections and process.

Pre-scheduled group consultations are:

Thursday, April 4th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm CST
Thursday, May 9th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm CST
Thursday, June 4th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm CST

One-hour Individual consultations with Chetna are scheduled after each group session per your availability during the period of:

April 15th - 19th
May 20th - 24th
June 10th - 17th

Attendance to all group meetings is beneficial and preferred, but not required to participate in the program. If you have any questions about this schedule, please reach out

What’s the exchange?

The rate for this series is on a sliding scale: $395 - $495.
The lower end of the scale is reserved for students and those with low income. A 3-month payment plan is an option. Please indicate your preference and situation in your application.

Applications are currently closed.

Stay tuned for another Abundant Creativity program
to launch in August!

What previous participants have said:

“I’m truly grateful for the meetings. I was hesitant to participate due to my busy schedule and I wasn't sure about committing to something else. Even during the process, some days the calls almost slipped my mind but I would show up and every single time I would get off of the call so inspired and so so grateful that I did show up.

I was able to work through a lot of barriers that had me stuck creatively and was able to finish a few projects that I had been stuck with. Chetna has a calming and empowering spirit that can draw the answers out of you. She simply guided me through spaces I was avoiding and allowed me to seek the answers within throughout are calls. On top of it all I gained much needed skills on disciplining myself and being accountable to myself.”

- Jordan S.

“I loved the 'homeplays' that Chetna created for us that included great readings, music playlists, and podcasts.  Consultation gave me great therapeutic insight into the challenges I had identified, and also brought up areas I don't believe I was comfortable facing on my own in the past. Consultations were gentle pushes that revealed more towards my healing, and I'm super grateful.  

I recommend collaborating with Chetna because this series actually really helped me to tap into a creative outlet I haven’t used in years and found comfort in. Many different areas of art are used in order for you personally to find what speaks most to you, and to help you come out of your comfort zone and get to know yourself wherever you are at in the moment.”

- Ngozi W.

Later Event: September 12
(Online): Accessing Abundant Creativity