mosaiceye’s mission is to cultivate self-empowerment and awareness of our interconnection.

we do this by leveraging mixed media art, education, & radical self-reflection in community circle.

we particularly serve womxn of color who are needing safe, affirming & conscious spaces
that address cultural & systemic dimensions related to their identities; though we offer consultation & workshop engagements for all genders & generations in order to foster spaces where we can recognize how interconnected we actually are.

Community circle, where we sit & check-in together in a circle, is significant in our mission;
we strive to cultivate more spaces where we can each be seen
& see one other without unnecessary hierarchies or barriers.

what is “mosaiceye”?


mosaiceye is a metaphor for each of us as a work of art comprised of many colorful and sundry pieces of
life experiences, values and gifts. Our collective humanity is also a mosaic with each individual representing a piece
of stone, glass, or ceramic coming in billions of eclectic shapes, tones and bodies arranged together in a divine composition.

Our eyes vulnerably reveal the depth, scope and range of our inner mosaics
while allowing us to see the mosaics of others; connecting us like glue to the whole.

The more we observe these works of art -us- the more we may discover and rediscover the complexity,
the multifaceted nature and the micro to macro beauty of our One mosaic masterpiece.