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 Photo by Anita Poushan

Photo by Anita Poushan

Who am i as a space-holder, consultant and collaborator?

i'm air and water, a patient and spacious listener, and a gentle and adaptable force.

i come from a south asian indian family, born in south africa where i spent my formative childhood years, and immigrated to the states when i 7 with my parents and brother. much of my life has been learning how to hold multiple and paradoxical identities.

Combining my clinical experience with personal and experiential wisdom of deep transformation, i invoke self-reflection, creativity and healing with various tools like:

  • Expressive arts (visual art, body movement, story-telling via writing, poetry and spoken word)

  • Mindfulness / deepening awareness of thought and physical sensations

  • The psychological lens of family systems and attachment theory, existential therapy, Jungian psychology (inner child and shadow work)

  • Somatic practices and body intelligence


Why would you want to be in a space held by me?

  • You may desire to deepen your creativity, confidence or self-awareness

  • You may long to be heard, seen and held in a non-judgmental, gentle and honest space

  • You might be feeling consistently lost, ungrounded or without purpose

  • You might be overwhelmed or dealing with strong or uncontrolled emotions

  • You may need a proverbial mirror to see yourself in a different way

What are my core beliefs around this work?

We can train our brains to think and be more peaceful, loving and in connection. This also takes space, knowledge and devotion. We each have an intrinsic divine wisdom that we have to intentionally and radically sow, often in revolution against systems that tell us we're unworthy or not enough. In my experience within my own life and with my clients, making the unconscious conscious has the power to evolve our perspective and relationship to ourselves, others and the whole world!

My given namesake, Chetna, means "awareness" in Sanskrit. i use my name as a reminder and guiding light toward my purpose: to unfold awareness of the universal flow within and beyond myself, and to support others in their unique unfolding as well.

i'm the expert in my own life only. For others, i'm an excellent mirror and collaborative gardener; to plant the seeds of a trusting space, to invite knowledge through education and reflection, and to share devotion and commitment to our agreed upon visions and intentions.

What can we do together?

Schedule a 15-minute phone chat so that we can introduce ourselves to one another and see how we can collaborate for You.

Find more about my training here.