It’s an honor and gift to be able to make and guide space for you, to witness your power, fears, and courage. i live for this work, advising hand in hand, figuring it out and expressing, self-exploring and discovering connection. Combining my clinical experience with personal lessons in self-realization and deep transformation; i invite you to radically self-reflect, express and connect in a safe, kind and sacred space.

Consult if you desire to:

  • deepen creativity, confidence and self-awareness

  • relieve feelings of depression, anxiety, or overwhelming emotion

  • be heard, seen and held in a non-judgmental, kind and honest space

  • have support and encouragement during challenging transition

  • reclaim yourself against feeling lost or without purpose

  • strengthen your voice and power over uncontrolllable fears or doubts

  • increase self-acceptance and compassion


Together, we leverage tools in:

  • Intention-setting and accountability

  • Mindfulness / practice in slowing down and present awareness

  • Expressive arts (play, visual art, body movement, story-telling via writing, poetry and spoken word)

  • Affirmation identification and practice

  • Ritual and ceremony

  • The psychological lens of family systems and attachment theory, existential therapy, Jungian psychology like inner child and shadow work, all with a strengths-based approach

  • Somatic practices and body intelligence

Let’s connect.

Put 30 minutes on the calendar for us to get on the phone and explore the possibilities of a dreamy collaboration for your wellness.

If we decide that working together will be beneficial, we’ll schedule 2 to 4 sessions a month for 3 to 6 months based on your goals. We meet for 60 minutes in person in Chicago (Rogers Park) or
via Skype or Zoom. Sessions are on a sliding scale of $85 - $125 per meeting.

i look forward to connecting with you <3