It’s an honor and gift to be able to make space for you; to witness your power, fears, and courage. i live for this work of self-exploration and love guiding others to do so for themselves. Combining my clinical experience with personal lessons in self-realization and deep transformation, i invite you to radically self-reflect, express and connect in a safe, nonjudgmental and growth-inducing space.

i specifically serve self-identified women and women of color who desire to:

  • deepen creativity, confidence and self-awareness

  • relieve feelings of depression, anxiety, or overwhelming emotion

  • have support and encouragement during challenging transition

  • reclaim clarity and life purpose

  • bolster voice and power over uncontrollable fears or doubts

  • increase self-acceptance and compassion

  • cultivate balance between mind, body and spirit


Together, we leverage tools in:

  • Intention-setting and accountability

  • Mindfulness / practice in slowing down and present awareness

  • Meditation / techniques in relaxing the body and visualization

  • Expressive arts (writing, movement, drawing, singing)

  • Affirmation identification and practice

  • Ritual and ceremony

  • The psychological lens of family systems and attachment theory, existential therapy, Jungian psychology like inner child and shadow work, all with a strengths-based approach

  • Somatic practices and body intelligence

Let’s connect:

Put 30 minutes on the calendar for us to get on the phone and explore the possibilities of a dreamy collaboration for your wellness.

If we decide that working together will be beneficial, we’ll schedule 3 to 4 sessions a month for 3 to 6 months based on your goals.
We meet for 60 minutes via Zoom Digital Conferencing.
Sessions are offered on a 3-tier sliding scale: $85, $100 or $125 per session

i look forward to connecting with you!

What clients are saying…

Working with Chetna was a great experience. She’s very personable, kind, gentle, and has a great way of working with you to explore your struggles and to help you come up with ways of addressing them. She used artistic expressions and modalities to help me tap into my own creativity and to understand and express what I have been going through.
— Ngozi W.
Chetna has a calming and empowering spirit that can draw the answers out of you. She simply guided me through spaces I was avoiding and allowed me to seek the answers within throughout our calls. On top of it all I gained much needed skills on disciplining myself and being accountable to myself.
— Jordan S.
From our first session, Chetna provided diverse resources that inspired me to move from self-doubt to action. This experience has been life changing. It’s given me permission to express myself authentically free from judgement and/or expectation. Chetna has a gift for cultivating spaces for creative healing and I am honored to have been part of this experience.
— Clarissa T.
Consultations with Chetna provided me with a safe space that balanced support with showing up for myself. I left with a reminder to find my inspiration for the goals I had, but more importantly, to find compassion and kindness for myself that was missing from a lot of my self-talk. That was huge. I got to see a lot of myself reflected through Chetna’s coaching without judgement.
— Ivelisse S.