Offer your people an inviting and absorbing experience to help relieve stress and burn-out; incite innovation through creativity and play; increase motivation with introspective and group trust; practice empowering tools in self-care; and support self-development and inter-connectivity.

because investing in mental + emotional wellness can boost talent retention,
contribution and team cohesion-
thereby transforming your organization’s overall work environment and productivity

Chetna works closely with you and your organization, learns about your values & intentions for the space, and the needs of your group.

Common themes include group cohesiveness and connection, motivation, self-awareness, creativity, stress management, compassion/empathy, individual and collective empowerment.

together, we curate a workshop experience fit for your group, leveraging tools in:

  • games & play

  • ritual & ceremony

  • sensory feedback

  • affirmation practice

  • the lens of positive psychology, attachment, group & family systems, purpose & motivation, existential therapy, Jungian psychology, interfaith philosophy

  • mindfulness

  • guided meditation

  • cognitive behavior therapy

  • expressive arts (i.e. writing, drawing, movement)

  • diversity awareness and multicultural sensitivity

  • compassionate & direct communication skills

  • inspiring literature study

Photo by anita poushan

Photo by anita poushan

a sample menu of engagements

These are some previously facilitated workshops that have served assorted organizations
and communities; they can be adapted to the needs of diverse groups and spaces

Photo by sam manning

Photo by sam manning

  • Alleviate Anxiety Daily: learn how to practice intentional awareness in accessible, small and significant ways to bring relieve anxiety and support self-empowerment, joy and stress-regulation in daily life

  • Flow Through Feelings: notice and name some triggers for feelings before they spiral out of control and leverage practices in mindfulness, expressive arts and movement to flow gracefully through uncomfortable states

  • Clarify Your Mission: reflect on your mission in any aspect of life by using tools in body movement and biofeedback, mindfulness, inner child work, and value-excavation to deepen into purpose and desired impact

  • Deepen Self-Compassion: feel the benefits of self-compassion with tools in mindfulness, emergent strategy and expressive arts, and allow more connection, forgiveness and growth in daily life

  • Access Abundant Creativity: open up to the abundant capacity to live in creativity and move through blocks with faith and confidence with expressive arts, ritual and affirmation, mindfulness and cognitive-behavior therapy

  • Cultivate Empowered Discipline: reclaim the practice of discipline as self-empowering versus self-punishing by clarifying intentions and creating a tangible tool for commitment and accountability

  • Stand Up to Imposter Syndrome: re-frame the experience of imposter syndrome with tools like cognitive-behavior therapy, expressive arts and power postures to reclaim space and belonging

  • Connect With Your Inner Child: revisit a part of oneself responsible for unbounded creativity, spontaneity and awe; a part that may also be stifled, wounded and longing to be more seen and expressed



“Working with Chetna was such a pleasure.
The process was seamless and constructive.
We appreciated how she tailored the workshop to fit our wants and needs. The workshop itself was amazing. Attendees couldn't stop talking about how they felt more confident, self-aware, and loving towards themselves. We felt we left with the tools needed to create a  healthier mindset around body image. Chetna made everyone feel so comfortable with her warmth and guidance.”

Alex, owner @ The Boombox Studio, San Francisco


Rates include consultation time to curate the best engagement for your group
and are determined by your type of organization and the time frame of event plus any setup and cleanup

(for-profit, C corp)

$375 / hour*

(i.e. academic institutions, agencies,
small businesses)

$175 / hour* **

The sweet spot for workshops is between
2-4 hours for 5 to 35 participants

*the final quote may include travel expenses to get me to wherever you all are

**the intention is the make the rate accessible for your organization bracket; if you are a nonprofit, agency or small business
with a low budget yet may greatly benefit from these offerings, please reach out anyway and we can explore collaboration

photos by Sam Manning

previous partnerships